The Face of Airland Battle.

Wargame: Airland Battle
 2013 RTS/RTT Developed by Eugen Systems, Published by Focus Interactive


Wargame Airland Battle is about the cold war.

It is a game about Soviet tank columns, American air-power and Armageddon  unfolding in the Fulda Gap. Even though it is not necessarily an accurate depiction of these things, it is certainly a thematically authentic one. Playing Wargame ALB gives one cause to be thankful that NATO and Warsaw Pact forces never met in earnest.

The reason I would like to talk about Wargame ALB is because it is a perfect example of encapsulating a game’s theme in its mechanics. Wargame’s mechanics foster both an authentic cold war atmosphere of slowly creeping paranoia and, at the same time, convey the shattering violence and speed of a modern war.

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The Face of Airland Battle.