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If you are wondering why there has been less content on the site of late it is because I now write reviews for a website called Ordinary Gamer. You should check it out, it is pretty cool if I do say so myself.

I am still trying to work out how to balance writing, life and playing stuff interesting enough to actually say something about, so content might be a touch slow around here for a while.

That said, I have some stuff in the pipe that should be ready soon. So, if you are interested, follow me on Twitter (@KnowThyGameBlog) and that will keep you informed.


Other Places I do Stuff

10 Things I Know About “Flight Rising”

Recently my fiancee and almost all my friends have been getting into a browser game called “Flight Rising”. This is what I have gleaned about it by being in the same room with people who are playing it:

1) It is a game about dragons.

1a) You win if you have the prettiest dragon.

1b) If a dragon is not pretty enough, it loses and must be sacrificed to the Dark Gods.

2) Some dragons are potatoes.

2a) Of this class, there is a subclass of “sweet potatoes”. These are the most powerful           and delicious of all dragons.

3) Dragons sometimes wear waistcoats.

3a) Potatoes sometimes wear waistcoats.

4) Dragons can have familiars.

4a) Familiars are trusting and intelligent creatures who you must speak to every day in         order to keep them happy.

4b) After a familiar’s trust has been gained and you are friends, the next thing to do is to      take them to a dark magician and melt them down for spare parts.

5) Dragons can breed and have babies.

5a) When two pretty dragons mate, their babies are almost certainly horrifically ugly.

5b) Ugly baby dragons must be named, cared for and then quickly sacrificed to the Dark        Gods in order to prevent the spread of their contagion.

5c) Dragons are terrible parents and have no emotional connection to their children.       Their faces are expressionless when their children are taken away to be sacrificed.

6) Dragons can be genetically modified in exchange for gold.

6a) This is expensive, and in order to afford the treatments, dragons are made to fight          other creatures.

7) Dragons are sentient, they have thoughts, feelings and emotions. Dragons are not human, therefore dragons are not people.

7a) Thus when players trade dragons, they are technically not engaging in “slave       trading”

8) Flight Rising is neither addictive nor compulsive.

9) People who play flight rising exercise their free will by staying up late into the night playing Flight Rising.

10 They just want to have their dragons pit-fight for long enough to afford their         plastic surgery. They will come to bed soon.

10 Things I Know About “Flight Rising”

Send Her Victorious : Long Live the Queen


Long Live the Queen
2012 Visual Novel, Developed by Hanako Games


It’s 2016 and it is all right for men to play games like this, I get that, I really do. Gender need not determine what one’s interests; we should all play what we want and like what we like. I know this, but despite that knowledge, it took me a long time to come around to actually playing Long Live the Queen (henceforth LLtQ). In the end I’m glad I did because what I found, behind the facade of a magical-girl-adventure, was a thoughtfully designed and subversive storytelling engine.

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Send Her Victorious : Long Live the Queen

Micro Chibinomics : Recettear


Recettear : An Item Shop’s Tale
2010 Economic sim (?), developed by Easygamestation, published by Carpe Fulgur


Video games are self-contained world, ordered by a set of rules of human design. Thus, unlike the world in general, videogames can be fair. Indeed they can be simulacra of the worlds in which we would like to live. Recettear’s world is constructed in this way. It takes one of the most crooked and broken aspects of human affairs, the world of commerce, and turns it into a tale about hard work paying off. It creates a space in which hard work is rewarded, and where if only we are nice to people, good things will come our way. In this piece I would like to talk about the way in which this world is created by the laser like focus on long-term planning encouraged by the game’s mechanics.

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Micro Chibinomics : Recettear