The Iron Horse : Railroad Tycoon 2


Railroad Tycoon 2
1998 Management/Train Simulator, Developed by PopTop Software


This week I am going to continue down memory lane with another game from the nineties.

I love games from the nineties. There is a certain atmosphere to most of them, a grunginess in the sprite art. There has been something of a renaissance of this style in recent years, so clearly I am not the only one who is nostalgic for the visual styling of games like the Marathon Trilogy (in fact anything put out by Bungie in the 90s), Age of Empires and (the subject of this article) Railroad Tycoon 2.

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The Iron Horse : Railroad Tycoon 2

The Hammer of War.


Total War : Warhammer
2016 Grand Strategy/RTT, developed by Creative Assembly


I have enjoyed the sixty something hours I have put into Total War : Warhammer (henceforth TWWH), since its release. However, having seen quite a lot of what it has to offer, I am left with mixed feelings about the game. On the one hand it is the most streamlined, solid and well tested Total War games ever made. It runs like a dream, even on my old jalopy. Further it has a set of extremely satisfying core gameplay loops, which makes it is easy to sink boundless time into. On the other hand, it never becomes more than the sum of its parts. For a game based on such creative and weird intellectual property, it plays things surprisingly safe. In this piece I would like to try and explain why, while I enjoy TWWH, it is also a disappointment.

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The Hammer of War.

Beneath the Sunless Sea.


Sunless Sea
 2015 Roguelike/rpg developed by Failbetter Games


Sunless Sea’s steam tagline is “LOSE YOUR MIND. EAT YOUR CREW. DIE” which, while all these activities can all be partaken of in game, is really somewhat misleading. A more accurate tagline might read “SAIL AROUND. GET LOST. SHOOT AT BIG FISH”.

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Beneath the Sunless Sea.